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Dr.S.Senthoor Pandian MDS, (MSc Oral Implantology),(PhD)

(Senior Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist)

Dr. S.Senthoor Pandian obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from Sri Ramachandra Dental College. He pursued his post graduate education in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the most coveted Annamalai University, where he specialized in Maxillofacial traumatology, Minor Oral Surgical Procedures, Dental implants and Maxillofacial Pathology. At Annamalai University, he was the most outstanding graduating Oral and Maxillofacial surgery resident. After Annamalai University, he is continuing his post graduate education at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, where he is getting trained under the big names in various subspecialties of implant dentistry. Besides simple Dental implant procedures, Dr. Senthoor Pandian also rehabilitates cancer survivors and Maxillofacial trauma patients with full mouth Implants.

Dr.P.Sumana Neil BDS, AAPC (USA)

(Head of Clinical Operations)

Dr. P. Sumana Neil obtained her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from the much coveted Saveetha Dental College in the year 2012. She had accrued her clinical skills by working under many acclaimed professors in the dental fraternity. Her clinical expertise in the field Comprehensive Dental Surgery elevated her to the position of Clinical Lead in Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai for 3 years following which she started her own successful dental practice, SIARIS. Dr.Sumana Neil has also been trained and Certified in the USA for her clinical and professional and Documentation and Coding Skills.

Dr. Deepak Selvam, MDS

(Consultant Endodontist)

Dr. S. Deepak, MDS has graduated his post graduation from Saveetha Dental College, Chennai in May 2018. He is a member of Indian association of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics (IACDE) and Conservative dentistry and Endodontist Association of TamilNadu (CEAT). His professional skills include, ability to perform multiple single visit endodontic therapy, Post endodontic restorations, Direct and indirect esthetic restorations, Surgical endodontics & undergone extensive training to work under microscope.

Dr. Vasanth Ayswarya MDS

(Consultant Periodontist)

Dr. Vasanth Ayswayra is an eminent periodontist, implantologist and a laser specialist. She has completed her UG from Saveetha University and her PG in Sri Ramachandra University.Having experience of Clinical Dentistry for the past 9 years, she focuses more on preserving your natural tooth as much as possible without being extracted . She is renowned for periodontal surgeries like flap surgeries,bone regeneration, mucogingival surgeries and also has hands on experience in smile designing esthetic procedures and implants. As a laser specialist she is also well-trained in painless and bloodless procedures.

Dr. Anusha Mohan MDS

(Consultant Pediatric Dentist)

Dr. Anusha Mohan completed her master’s degree in Pediatric dentistry and a fellowship on special care pediatric dentistry from Sickids hospital in Canada. She completed master’s with best outgoing student award from Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research. Her passion for dentistry combined with her love for children made her choose child dentistry as her specialty. Since graduation, she has been a consultant pediatric dentist at many hospitals and clinics in and around Chennai. She is well trained in child psychology and behaviour management to provide dental treatment for all children including children with special health care needs. She also routinely performs early childhood caries rehabilitation for very young children under general anaesthesia in a private hospital setting. She enjoys treating kids and always encourages the parents to accompany their children during their dental experience to inculcate a positive dental attitude. She provides pain free dental treatment with advanced techniques for your child's dental needs.

Dr Ahamed Anwer G MDS

(Consultant orthodontist)

Dr Ahamed Anwer has experience of 7 years and is phenomenal in creating a beautiful smile with evidence-based treatment. He has done his under graduation from Sri Ramachandra dental college and post-graduation from Annamalai university. Having secured the first mark with distinction in his post-graduation and in final year under graduation, he distinguished himself academically. His treatment ethos includes following the principles of non-extraction, beneficence and non-maleficence. He is a distinguished SCFHS licensed practitioner.

Dr. Akshaya Venkatesan, BDS

(General Dentist)

Dr. Akshaya Venkatesan is an alumnus of the highly acclaimed, Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai. Patient education plus a comprehensive, integrated approach to dentistry defines her outlook on the field. With a resolute focus on keeping herself updated with the latest industry standards and cutting edge developments in the field, she hopes to deliver research-backed, innovative yet pragmatic solutions to the varied challenges of dentistry.

Dr.Balaji K.G, BDS

General dentist

After graduating  from Sri Ramachandra University with a bachelor of dental surgery degree, Dr. Balaji is now pursuing the fellowship of endodontics from Saveetha University. He is focused on optimal patient care and is passionate about restorative dentistry. 

Dr.Swerna.R BDS,

(General Dentist)

Dr. Swerna graduated from Sri Ramachandra University is currently pursuing her post graduate degree in dept of oral maxillofacial pathology and and microbiology from SRM University, Ramapuram . With a patient centric approach she futhers the standards of care to the highest degree. She now works as a General Dentist at SIARIS.

Dr. L. Preethi Valentina, BDS

(General Dentist)

Dr. L. Preethi Valentina graduated from Sri Ramachandra University with Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. She is currently pursuing her fellowship in Paediatric dentistry at Saveetha Dental College and is passionate about inspiring children to build a fun and exciting oral hygiene routine and promoting overall dental health among the tiny humans.

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